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The Mission

In order to create a scalable business, we are looking to provide our customers with an amazing product that fits precisely to their needs.

Our licensable software technology provides for customers a configurable, elastic scalable, dynamic flexible, networked Shared Accelerated Storage (network SAS) solution that virtualizes and unconstrains all available storage resources, regardless of storage technology.

We are making slow storage fast, and already fast storage fully utilizable.



ESSi was founded in 2017 to address the need of larger and faster storage. The initial development was centered around improving efficencies for parallelized access to multiple storage media.

Shortly after, we created our software virtual memory management unit for storage, and added a caching layer and a compressed near-line storage layer.

In collaboration with CENGN, we validated the performance aspects of our NVMeoF solution for RAM pooling.

We are adding Machine learning and AI for autonomic and prescient data movement, optimizing the use of the multiple storage media for performance, longevity, power usage.

Since our start, we are progressing with our recursive data reduction algorithm to improve the byte-shrink for stored data, and are getting close to exit the scientific research state.

Our initial porduct is now available for licensing for Linux OS deployment. We also use it for our own data storage service to gain first hand exposure to the validity of our value proposition.

Feel free to give us a try. Ask for an evaluation license, or sign up at for our storage service.


AnyMedia Autonomic Data Movement

Using Machine Learning and AI, the software optimizes data placement to presciently be temporarely stored on the highest performance storage media.

ByteShrink Data Reduction

Groundbreaking unique, AI based approach to data compression and deduplication uses software processing to create additional storage bytes.

DriveGuard Storage Media Protection

Storage media sleep/wake and power-on / power-off control with data transaction coalescing maximizes the longevity of sensitive storage media, like low DWPD SSDs and HDDs.

SuperScale Drive Density

Combining improved software processing with drive power control, over 1000 drives can be serviced by each single commodity server.

DirectDrive Storage Sharing

Storage and networking protocol delayering provides a direct storage-payload steering between initiator and target server.

ByteShred Data Privacy

Data stored at its permanent location is byte-level split in upto hundreds of stripes. Data stripes are further augmented with Erasure Codes and stored locally or distributed multi-site.

FlexScale Self Healing

Flexible durability geometry and dynamicaly adjusting data & parity information to meet eleven-9s data durability with the available storage media resources.

Borderless Scale

Multi-level virtual storage page manager with arithmetic based lower-levels drive identification and dynamic top level for un-obstructed scaling.

Quantum Safe Data Security

Choice of quantum safe Authentication and Encryption alogorithms for data on virtual drives.

Performance Coding

Reduction of database usage for storage metadata, cacheline aware coding practices, vector instructions and GP-GPU library options for algorithms and protocols.

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Leadership Team

Udo Neustadter

Udo Neustadter


Startup veteran, multiple times in the founding team. Developed ideas into valuable products.

Prior to founding ESSi, Udo was Vice President - R&D at Rockport Networks working on the autonomous networking model for data center communications. There, he convinced storage industry leaders to participate as consortium partners in the SDTC energy efficient networking project.

Udo has held senior technical and management positions at a number of data networking companies, including Blinq Networks (now CCI), BelAir Networks (now Ericsson), and Tropic Networks (now Nokia).

Edward Sokolowski

Edward Sokolowski


Entrepreneur. Disruptive Technologist. Systems Engineering.

Ed is returning to Ottawa after having worked for over a decade in the US. He is a seasoned technologist and has held a multitude of positions from Chief Architect to CTO to Vice President of Systems Engineering.

Ed is mostly known in Ottawa for leading the systems design and development at Nortel Networks' OPTera Metro product line through Nortel's acquisition of Cambrian Systems.

Mariana Oprea

Mariana Oprea

Lead Investor Relations and Partners Communication

Mariana is expanding the relationships between investors and business partners.

Mariana is building on her IBM Cognos Analytics expertise as a Business Intelligence Solutions Specialist.

Our Products


Accelerated Tiered Storage Software
  • iSCSI, NVMeoF targets
  • 1000+ drives per server
  • 4M IOPS
  • 25,000 MB/sec bandwidth
  • Multi-tier, virtual hybrid drive

StorPlex eRAID™

ZettaByte (ZB) Storage Software
  • 10,000+ eRAID™ synergistic servers
  • Linear additive performance
  • All eRAID™ features
  • ObjectStorage S3 interface
  • 0.2ZB capacity

Design Services

Data Center Infrastructure Design
  • Ceph Systems
  • OpenStack, virsh
  • Accelereators: SPDK, GP-GPUs
  • Validation
  • Performance Testing

Cloud Data Storage

We use our products
  • 200PB virtual storage space
  • $6 / TB / Year
  • Subscribe at
  • Get your S3 key, or
  • Upload your SSH public key

Partners & Affiliations

Our Work at CENGN


Elastic RAID

May, 2019

One step closer to #point1centGBmonthstorage $0.001/GB/month IOPS optimized, resilient cloud storage.

Using the CENGN infrastructure, eRAID was operated at commercial scale, combining NVMe, SSD, HDD and RAM storage media tiers. ESSi has been able to validate key metrics for its technology and value proposition.

View PDF

RAM Swapping

August, 2018

The most demanding workloads come from the RAM-speed applications where the application uses all its data from RAM. Think in-RAM database workloads or application transitory data storage.

ESSi validated the performance tier features that allow organizations to pool spare RAM from a cluster of servers. ESSi's NVMeoF implementation makes this RAM pool availabe for use by the high speed application.

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Start-up participation

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+1 613 402 8572
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